BREAKING NEWS: Rex Ryan Eats Dinner

The New York media’s performance this week was really disappointing.  A full day of coverage devoted to Rex Ryan’s tattoo – really, NY media?  I don’t expect much from you, but this was sad.  Even the writer I respect most, Rich Cimini of got in on the act.  It was sensationalist reporting for a media that was starved for a story. The NY Daily News, which broke this “story,” has continued to cover it, including a picture in today’s paper of Rex wearing a t-shirt to cover up the tattoo. These writers make me feel embarrassed to call myself a New Yorker.  Can we please focus on the stories that actually matter, like the search for a new GM?….

And on that note, news “broke” yesterday that the Jets had hired San Fran 49ers director of player personnel, Tom Gamble, to be their next GM.  Of course, that story wasn’t true, as so many of the recent “breaking stories” around the Jets have been (he apparently was still meeting with the Jets when the story broke).  But it does appear that he’s the lead candidate.  And by all accounts, he’s a solid choice.  He’s been a major part of rebuilding the 49ers through the draft (although the jury is out on their 2012 draft which has yet to produce an impact player.  That said, much harder to do on a championship caliber team) and not to be overlooked is that he’s an East coast guy with roots here.  There are a few others candidates in the mix, and with the Jets, you just never know, but Gamble looks like he’ll be the Jets’ next GM.  The sooner, the better.

With the Knicks winning again last night, and now the news that the NHL strike is over, we have other sports stories to focus on and be happy about.  And of course, wildcard weekend continues today.  After two pretty awful games yesterday, the quality should improve.  This house (against my wishes, I should add) is decked out in burgundy and yellow in support of the Redskins.  My two brothers-in-law flew in from Charleston and Seattle respectively to watch the game together – pretty cool stuff.  Go Skins!

Oh, and this just in – Rex Ryan took a nap on the beach!  Alert the press.