You live with Sanchez, you die with Sanchez

It’s 12:50am here in London, which means the full post will have to wait until tomorrow.   But what a heartbreaker.  Ultimately, it came down to the fact that the Patriots have a Hall of Fame QB and we have a QB who, despite a valiant effort in the 4th quarter, proved that he’s not capable of the big win anymore.  Too many missed throws, terrible decisions, dumb INTs and lots of points left off the scoreboard.

Nobody gave the Jets much of a chance in this one, so big kudos to Rex and the defense for keeping them in this one.  There is some hope left in the season.  But unfortunately a lot of the hope still has to rest on the arm of one Mark Sanchez, and he proved once again that he’s the thing holding this team back.

Full recap to come tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “You live with Sanchez, you die with Sanchez

  1. My dad (your grandpa) took me to my first Jet game in September, 1964. I have watched close to 800 Jet games of which about 700 were heart wrenching games to watch. Tonight’s loss rates in the top ten awful games to lose and watch. I am not sure why I keep doing this. Root canals are easier to handle. lol. But, I will be back watching next week. Gottah love it!

  2. I’m not sure the blame rests entirely on Sanchez.. I mean the guy completed six passes of 20 yards or more, had 328 passing yards on the day, and had a higher completion rating than Brady! What more do you want from the guy? The fumble at the end of the game? Okay, I’ll give you that one…
    You have to put some of the blame yesterday on Hill for the dropped pass that would have resulted in a field goal at best, Sparano for his continued lack of originality on offense, the misuse and utter total waste of another weapon (if used correctly) Tim Tebow, and Mike Tannenbaum, for assembling for yet another year, under-achieving players and no semblence of a consistent running game or decent offensive line.
    Don’t you agree?

    • I do agree – it doesn’t all go on Sanchez. The strategy and play calling at the end of the game and in OT was conservative and questionable. The Hill dropped pass was a killer, but he’s only in that situation because Santonio Holmes is hurt, so I cut Tannenbaum some slack on that one. The use of Tim Tebow defies logic – he must be so frustrated. But it still comes back to Sanchez for me. He had a great 2nd half – one of the best in the league this year you might say. But his turnovers were killer, and all were avoidable. You just can’t fumble the ball like that in the 4th quarter. That’s a rookie mistake. Take the sack, live for one more play.

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