Another Day, Another Headline

Is anyone else tired of reading about the Jets?  There’s not a day that goes by where there isn’t another headline about them on and other national news media.  Woody Johnson speaks at a Mitt Romney event – headline.  Tim Tebow says that he wishes he had more goal line carries – headline.  Rex says that Sanchez is the starter “this week” – headline.  It’s ridiculous and I can only imagine how annoying it must be the rest of the football fan base.  You have teams like Houston who are 5-0, and other great stories like the Colts rallying to beat the Packers in the same week when their coach is diagnosed with Leukemia.  But no, the Jets still grab the headlines.   Here’s a quick recap of what happened:

  • Terrell Owens tweeted that the Jets are “more desperate than him.”
  • The injuries continued to mount up – NT Kenrick Ells is out 4-6 weeks, and Safety Eric Smith was hurt in practice and will also miss time.
  • WFAN commentator and self-professed Jets fan Adam Schein predicted that the Mark Sanchez era is coming to an end.  It’s a pretty damning but convincing article.  I have lots of respect for Schein, so this was a sobering read.
  • Actor Kevin James even chimed in saying Tebow should start in this video clip and article.  And when Kevin James speaks, you LISTEN.
  • Revis was finally put on season-ending injured reserve.  Not a surprise of course, but now it’s official.
  • Tim Tebow obsessed about his spot on the Jets depth chart (okay, not really, but still  a funny read).

Look at Those Guns…

You may have noticed that there was no recap this week.  The combination of a Monday Night game (Tuesday morning here in London) sandwiched in between two epic Radiohead concerts (where on Tuesday night I literally ran into Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad fame) made for tough blogging conditions.  So I decided to skip the write-up this week, but will be back to the regular schedule starting this Sunday.

Speaking of which, I think this is a game that the Jets will win.  The Colts are coming off a very emotional victory at home for their coach, but this is still a team we should match up well against.  A rookie QB on the road usually makes for tough going, even though Andrew Luck looks to be the real deal.  The Colts run D is not good (a nice break for the Jets after facing the top 4 rush defenses in the league, in a row) so look for Greene and Powell to get on track (and can we PLEASE give McKnight a few carries and the occasional screen pass!).  But most importantly, Sanchez gets back his top target and safety blanket, Dustin Keller (Stephen Hill as well).   If he underperforms and we lose, that will almost guarantee that we will see the start of the Tim Tebow era in New York (and perhaps he’ll even get an entire drive this week).  And then the madness will really begin.   Time to step up, Sanchise.

My predictions, Jets: 27, Colts: 17

Not Looking Over His Shoulder, Yet…

Finally, a big congrats to the DC area baseball teams.  Having lived in DC for a number of years, I know how starved that city was for quality baseball.  What a tough ending for the O’s and especially the Nats, but both teams are built for future success, so hopefully they’ll be back next year.  In the meantime, I’m pulling for the Tigers (because who really wants to see the Yankees, Giants or Cards win yet another pennant.  Bor-ing).

One thought on “Another Day, Another Headline

  1. This is the turning point of the season! They made it interesting last week. Come out and play some real ball. Test this rookie quarterback and throw the ball without getting it batted down. step it up boys!

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