Negative ‘Tone to This Jets Season

First it was Revis, now Santonio.  Another week, another star player out for the season. Things are not looking good for Gang Green at the moment.  The “weapons” that Sanchez can now throw to include Chaz Schillens, recently signed Jason Hill (yes, the same Jason Hill who last year said Darrelle Revis was “overrated”), and Jeff Cumberland.  Not exactly an all-star crew.

This Sums It Up

The media have been feasting on the Jets all week.  I’m pretty tired of the “I told you so” articles that are appearing everywhere.  I didn’t realize how many people had so astutely predicted the Jets’ demise weeks ago.  And of course the calls for Tim Tebow have begun.  I think this is pretty ignorant stuff.  I know I’ve been one of Sanchez’ most consistent defenders, and even I’m starting to waver on him, but I still think he’s the best man for the job.

The problem is, you don’t just insert Tim Tebow as your QB.  You have to insert an entirely new offense.  He’s not made to run a conventional NFL offense.  And while yes he’s a playmaker and exciting, do people really think he’s the long-term answer for the Jets?  If you are going to basically wave the white flag, then go with 3rd string QB Greg McElroy. He’s shown some flashes, and despite a lack of size, he’s more of a prototypical NFL QB. But this would never happen as McElroy doesn’t sell tickets, Tebow does.  In addition, Tebow is not going to help develop your young WRs – Kerley & Stephen Hill.  Just look at what Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas are doing in Denver right now with Peyton Manning at QB.  Think they miss Tebow?  Sorry, Tim is not the answer.

In my last post, I said that Rex and Tannenbaum should get much of the blame for the mess the Jets are in.  I’ve read a few reports that agree with that assesment.  But right now, those two guys are probably the Jets’ best hopes for salvaging the season.  This week’s signings of Aaron Berry at CB and Jason Hill probably aren’t the answer, but I do give Tannenbaum credit for not bringing in the sexier, but potentially cancerous options like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson.  Rex has the coaching challenge of his career in front of him.  First he needs to keep the team believing and motivated.  But then he quickly needs to fix the very sloppy play on defense.  It wasn’t Revis missing tackles left and right last week, that was the Jets’ defensive line.

It’s pretty interesting if you peek ahead at the Jets’ schedule.  They will more than likely lose to Houston on Monday Night, but then have a very winnable game at home against Indy and rookie QB Andrew Luck.  A 3-3 record wouldn’t be terrible all things considered, especially in the AFC East.   They then go to New England and return home to face Miami. You can start to see a 4-4 record pretty easily.  They then have a bye week, before hitting the road against Seattle and then St. Louis.  I’m now starting to see 5-5.   Things then get tougher with home games against NE and Arizona.  I like our chances at home against Arizona in December.  6-6.  After that, 2 road games against the dreadful Jags and equaly bad Titans.  Dare I say 8-6?  It’s then home against San Diego and then away against Buffalo.  9-7?

Okay, perhaps I’m delusional, but I don’t think it’s completely unrealistic that this team can still be competitive.  Yes, they’ve lost 2 of their best players, but the defense is still loaded with playmakers, and if they can find some semblance of a running game, this team can stay competitive.  The schedule isn’t all that intimidating after this week’s Houston game.

A few other random thoughts:

  • Can we please, please start using Joe McKnight?  It boggles the mind that this guy doesn’t get a few carries or screen passes.
  • The blitz – bring it back Rex!
  • Let Tebow throw when he’s in.  Right now, they are fooling no one when he’s in. Keep the defense honest – at least have the threat of a throw.  Right now everyone knows the dude is going to run up the middle for 2 yards.   Get creative – you have nothing to lose Sparano!
  • Mike Francesa – for those of you who are from New York, you will know this name well.  He’s one of the most polarizing radio personalities in New York.  I personally am not a Francesa fan – he’s way too biased, and has always been a Jets and Mets hater.  He knows his stuff, but his ego often gets in the way (google the interview he did with Revis last year where Revis hung up on him).  But this article from Grantland, really nails it.   What a fun read. And if you are not familiar with Grantland, bookmark it and make it a daily read.  Some of the best writing on the web is happening there right now.  And it’s not just sports.

Here’s hoping my next post has nothing to do with a major injury…

4 thoughts on “Negative ‘Tone to This Jets Season

  1. I was going to go out & buy a new TV for the living room to watch football on Sunday. After thinking about it..My Teams…………the Jets suck, the Mets, suck, the Bucs suck and the Ray’s are out of the playoffs. I am giving my TV away!

  2. We agree with all your random thoughts ESPECIALLY the part on Mike Francesa. Din’t like him when he was with Mad Dog and neither did Mad Dog. He is a pompous A@& hole who has been on the air way too long.
    Feel bad for the Jets this year and the next two games vs the Texans & the Ravens won’ help…
    Nice article.

    • Thanks FF. Francesa is really polarizing. I can’t say i’ll miss the day when he’s no longer on the air. Jets next 2 games are against Texans and Colts – no Ravens on the schedule this year thankfully!

      • They have to play smart and together. I agree about a 3-3- record after six games. Not that awful. I would feel better is either Revis or Holmes were coming back as they are irreplaceable, but assuming N.E. will be the staunch opponent they always have been, the rest of the AFC East doesn’t scare me.

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