Week 4 Recap: Jets Hit New Low in Rex Ryan Era

Final Score:
49ers: 34
Jets: 0

Disgusting.  Awful.  Pathetic.  To be honest, those words don’t really do it justice.  I want to invent a new word to describe just how bad today’s game was – any suggestions?  It was so bad, that it’s not even worthy of a full recap.  No pictures, no witty remarks, no breakdown.  Take that, Jets.

For me, this loss should be pinned on 3 people – Rex, Tannebaum, and Sanchez.  And in that order.

Rex gets the blame for clearly not having his team ready to play today.  They were outcoached (and out wild cat’d) and outplayed, and looked disinterested for half the game.  The offensive “gameplan” – if you want to call it that – was non-existent.  I know they had an uphill battle to start and the odds of winning were low, but 34-0?  Perhaps even worse, his vaunted defense (best he’s ever had in New York, supposedly) gave up 245 yards rushing.  245.  Rex should be embarrassed.

Tannenbaum gets the blame for not providing the offense with the playmakers it needs to be credible.  Jeff Cumberland?  Epps? (I don’t even know if he has a first name).  Patrick Turner?  But Keller and Hill are hurt you say….big deal…half of these guys wouldn’t even start on a college team.  This team’s depth has been exposed in a big way.  And if you look at their last 3 drafts, you would be hard pressed to find non-1st round draft picks that are making meaningful contributions (Kerley is the only one I can think of).

And then finally, to Sanchez.  Even with the lack of weapons, he was still just awful. 13-29 for 103 yards  with 1 INT and 1 fumble.  The fumble was completely avoidable and took away a sure 3 points at the end of the 1st half – that in fact may have been the play of the game as the score went from what should have been 7-3 to 10-0 and the 49ers never looked back.  He was off all day – badly missing receivers, throwing tentatively.  It was a giant step back for a player who was meant to take a giant step forward this year.  They have NO chance of doing anything this year if he plays like that.  I know you will hear the calls for Tebow this week, but this still comes down to Sanchez.  They’ve pinned their hopes to this guy, and it’s looking increasingly like they will go down in flames with him.  Game 1 in Buffalo must have been a mirage because he has been just plain bad since then.  And I’ve been one of his biggest supporters and fans, but this was just not good.

Adding insult to injury, their best offensive playmaker, Santonio Holmes, appears to be lost for an extended period of time with a foot injury.  Another non-contact injury to one of their top players.  The football gods are not smiling upon us my friends (the fact that he fumbled the ball on that play which was then run back for a TD, was just comical.  That could only happen to the Jets)  I don’t see how they can muster any chance of winning without their two best players on both sides of the ball.  This season could be over before it’s really begun, sadly.

It would take a turnaround of monumental proportions at this point to turn things around.  This is a team with no identity, and more alarmingly, little talent.  The injuries have really exposed how thin the roster is.  There is just no depth behind the starters, and in a violent sport like football, that is a recipe for disaster.  It’s not looking good for Gang Green.

But hey, look on the brightside, we get to play the 4-0 Houston Texans on Monday Night Football next week….dare I say it….Same Old….

4 thoughts on “Week 4 Recap: Jets Hit New Low in Rex Ryan Era

  1. Thank goodness i have the Skins and RG III to cheer for. Down in the 4th with less than 5 to play, used to be a guaranteed Skins loss. Not anymore. Anything’s possible with this guy who throws accurately short and long, and can outrun the fastest secondary backs. They should have won by 8 today but their kicker missed 2 from within the 40.

  2. I’m choosing not to say much. Being there. Was painful. We only cheered when the call went in our favor. There was not much to cheer about and I should have known when I saw so many red jerseys!. Well, they were so lucky the first half cause the niners did not play their best. If they did, the score should have been 50-0! Mark needs to stay away from Eva ! Remember tony romo and Jessica s. ? Just a thought!

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