Overpaid Jets in a “Must Win”

An article came out this week in Forbes listing the Top 10 Most Overpaid players in the NFL – 3 Jets were on the list, including David Harris in the no. 1 spot.  I thought the article was a little unfair, as it didn’t evaluate salaries in terms of the total value of a contract.  Yes, at $12MM this year, David Harris looks overpaid.  But in past/future years, his annual salary has been much lower – the average annual salary across the 4 year deal is just over $7MM – hardly overpaid for one of the top inside LBs in the league.   On the flipside, Darrelle Revis earned over $32.5mm in the last 2 years, but is making just under $8MM this year (fellow CB Cromartie is actually earning more this year).   Is he underpaid this year? (some would make a case that he’s underpaid no matter how much he earns)  I say not – you have to look at the average value of the annual salary in a contract, including guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed money.  For Revis that’s just under $12MM a year across his 4 year deal.   My take – this is just another example of sensationalist reporting that’s short on facts and long on hyperbole.  Shame on you Forbes, you’re better than that.

In more interesting news, the best defensive player on the planet will be back on the field this week for the Jets.  That changes everything.  The Jets can now roll extra coverage to the other side of the field, or most probably, will use the flexibility to blitz the Dolphin’s rookie QB, Ryan Tannehill, on a regular basis.   There is really one key to this game and that’s stopping Reggie Bush.   He’s off to a career year (it’s also a contract year for him – coincidence?) and possesses the outside speed that has given the Jets’ D trouble in recent years (C.J. Spiller was the latest to exploit that in week 1).   But with few other offensive weapons (Brian Hartline?), the Jets would be wise to concentrate all of their activity on shutting down Bush and then rattling Tannehill.

On the offensive side of the ball, look for Keller and Holmes to have a big game.  The Dolphins’ run D is very good, so I suspect we’ll see a lot of short passes to Keller and Holmes to open that up a bit.  The Dolphins know how to defend the Wildcat, so I don’t think we’ll see a huge game from Tebow once again.

With undefeated San Fran (who most agree is the best team in the NFL right now) and then undefeated Houston up next after this game, this is a “must win” as Revis agreed.  I think if the Jets can end at 3-2 after this brutal 5 game stretch to open the season, they would be very happy.  On paper, this is a game the Jets should win.  But Miami hasn’t been kind to them recently, so anything can happen.  My prediction: Jets 23, Dolphins 13.

Oh, and in case you missed it:

This Never Gets Old

4 thoughts on “Overpaid Jets in a “Must Win”

  1. Miami can be tricky, but as I have been saying for the last 48 years….anything can happen. With Revis back, anything can happen. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Tebow this week, but who knows. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. I agree Bry… let’s just say stop Reggie Bush and spice up the offense. go Sanchez. If they’re going to use Tebow, don’t you think this is the game to do it? I do and I hope to see a carefully planned offense and not a few desperation downs if ya know what I mean!

    • Bart needs to do less trash talking and more tackling. The whole media blackout things is just ridiculous. That said, I could see how annoyed and frustrated you could get with B-list reporters doing their best to piss you off every week. More important question – is RGIII for real or has he just played two terrible defenses?

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