I’ve Been Tebowed

Has anything been written about Tim Tebow in the last few days?  Even I, one of the biggest Jet fans around, has grown a little tired of Tebow-mania (ESPN.com alone had TWELVE Tebow posts today).  That said, man is this guy likeable.  I (sadly) watched much of today’s press conference, and all I could think was, “I really like this guy.”  (even my Dad, the world’s biggest Jets doubter, likes him) He’s humble, self-aware and maybe even more dreamy than Tom Brady.  And just for a few moments, I thought to myself….wow, this really could work.

Come here often, Tim?

But then reality set in and I thought – what if Mark Sanchez gets hurt?  It’s the question that nobody is asking.  Everyone has been so focused on Tebow supplanting Sanchez as the starter or how they will use Tebow as a complement, but what we should be asking is:  What the heck happens if the Sanchise goes down?  Last year, Denver Coach John Fox said that they would be “screwed” if Tebow were forced to run a “pro” style offense.  If Sanchez gets hurt, that is exactly the predicament that the Jets would find themselves in.  No time to install a Tebow-friendly offense.  They will have an option-style QB running a pro-style offense.  In other words: EPIC FAILURE.

This is my biggest fear – not how Sanchez will co-exist, or how the rest of the team will react or how they will use Tebow, but rather what happens if they HAVE to use Tebow?

The Jets better hope that Tebow saves a few prayers for Mark Sanchez.

Meet Your New "Back-up" QB

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tebowed

  1. (even my Dad, the world’s biggest Jets doubter, I am so hurt being called the biggest Jets doubter. I am actually devastated that you would say such a thing. Almost 50 years of suffering has made me this way. Don’t worry my son, all will be fine in Jet’s land. In Tebow we trust.

  2. Well, Tebow’s welcoming was not the best………..even I (who is not thrilled with taking Tebow on) thought it was awful that there was no one there to support and welcome him to the team. Maybe Rex should stop ‘toeing’ his wife, and get back to business. Maybe Sanchez is injured, more than we thought—but I don’t think so. This is really polarizing to not only the team, but the fans. I believe everyone is confused. However, a better move than taking Peyton!!!!

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