In Tebow We Trust

So around 4:30pm UK time my computer screen lit up.  WIthin a span of about 10 minutes, I received 6 separate gmail chats and 8 separate emails.  And no, this had nothing to do with Jeremy Lin, or Romney romping in Illinois, or anything of any real importance.  This was all due to Tebow.  The man who needs no first name – he’s kind of like Pele, or Prince or Beyonce.  Okay, maybe not Beyonce.  I even had wives of friends emailing me about Tebow.   I was blown away by the near instant reaction and the incredibly polarizing effect that this guy has on even the most casual of sports fan.  I can’t remember anyone else who has had the same effect.  Wild.

Upon first look, this deal makes little sense.  You’ve just handed your franchise quarterback a 3 year extension and signed a capable no. 2 (grand total of emails I received when they signed Drew Stanton = 0).  You’ve just put out one QB controversy and publicly affirmed that Sanchez is your man.  You’ve approached the offseason very conservatively, preferring to rely on the draft rather than splashy free agents (Hello New York Giants).   But now this.   Tebow.  Teeeeeeeebbboooooowwwwww.

If you look at it from a purely football point of view, it’s not a terrible move.  Tebow adds a dynamic dimension to an offense that was lackluster.  He’s not coming to New York to replace Sanchez – Rex & Tannenbaum are not that stupid (despite current opinion) – but rather to complement him.  They just hired the Offensive Coordinator who brought the wildcat to the NFL. He’s a guy who can handle media scrutiny to the nth degree (once again, Joe Namath is the prophet we turn to for an opinion.  Seriously?  No disrespect, but I liked him a lot better when he was drunk and not shooting his mouth off on all things Jets.  Go away Joe.  Your services are no longer needed). In many ways, the Jets are built for Tebow.  ESPN has had some great coverage of this story, both pro and con.

But did they really need him?  Does he really add that much, especially for the price of 2 draft picks and valuable salary cap space?   Well, we may never know.  The deal is now being held up due to salary complications (how could the Jets not know this before announcing the deal?  Someone should lose their job over that).  And even if the deal goes through, some of have already predicted that the Jets will eventually package him in another trade.  I don’t see that happening, but you never know with Gang Green.  And in regards to Sanchez, let’s give this guy some credit – he can handle just about anything.  The media loves making him out to be this sheltered, fragile bystander who can’t fend for himself.  He will be fine, people.  He’s just earned himself another $20MM.  He’s been on the cover of GQ for god sake.  I think he can deal with this.

Did you really think the Jets would go quietly in this offseason?  Not a chance.

God Bless Teberica.

7 thoughts on “In Tebow We Trust

    • I actually had a 3 page analysis of that signing all ready to post today. Drew Stanton is the real loser in this deal. A shame too as he is a fine American.

  1. Two questions:
    1. If Rex and the Jets love the Wildcat offense so much, why did they let Brad Smith go?
    2. The Sanchez extension was done BEFORE Tebow was available. Do you think Sanchez gets the extension if Tebow never entered into the picture?

    • 1. Completely different situation – they lost Brad Smith in the frenzy that was the FA signing period after the lockout. The Jets had more FAs than almost every team, and couldn’t afford to bring everyone back. They prioritized Santonio, and simply couldn’t afford – at the time – a role player like Smith. They wanted to bring him back, but Smith didn’t want to wait and he signed with BUF very quickly.
      The Jets won’t be running the “wildcat” as it is traditionally known. By definition, the wildcat involves a direct snap to a player who isn’t traditionally a QB – i.e. a WR/RB, etc, and usually the pass is not really an option. With Tebow it will be more like an option style offense where you can run, pitch or throw.

      2. Good question – they signed Sanchez without the knowledge that Tebow was available, so hard to say. But I really do believe that they have Tebow for a specific role, not to replace Sanchez. While they may not be the smartest organization in the NFL, I think they are smart enough to know that Tebow is not a starting QB in the NFL.

  2. “they [The Jets] are smart enough to know that Tebow is not a starting QB in the NFL”

    But are the fans smart enough? When Sanchez has a bad game or two, the fans will begin the drumbeat for more Tebow. The NY and national media circus will be crazy. And you follow the Jets and Sanchez much much more closely than me, so I’ll defer to your opinion that he can handle it. But it just feels to me that, coming off of last year’s disappointment, this isn’t worth the potential for headache. Time will tell…

    • I’d like to think that they are, but they probably aren’t. The question then becomes, can Rex resist the temptation and not succumb to what the fans are clamoring for. I agree that the risk outweighs the reward here, but I do believe the Sanchez aspect of this has been overblown. As long as he plays well, he will be fine. If he doesn’t play well, then frankly it doesn’t really matter as the Jets will have much bigger problems to worry about.

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