On Manning

It’s been awhile since I felt the need to comment on anything Jets.  Since my last post, the Giants won the Super Bowl, Jeremy Lin took over Manhattan, pitchers and catchers reported, and Peyton Manning became the most coveted free agent in NFL history.

Of course, the Jets are interested.  Mike Tannenbaum and company can’t help themselves.  And the press is loving this story – Manning to the Jets?  The older brother comes to New York to prove that he’s better than his younger brother.  To save the other New York franchise.  To secure his fate as the greatest QB in NFL history.  It’s all there.

But here’s hoping it doesn’t happen.  A departure from Sanchez would prove that this organization has no idea what it’s doing.  No program, no consistency, no faith.  They’ve invested a lot in Sanchez – a QB who is 11 years younger, and by the way, has more playoff victories at this point in this career than Peyton (and Eli) did at the same point.  Now, nobody is comparing Sanchez to either Manning, but give the guy a chance.

A lot has been written on the topic this week.  ESPN has two great stories from Ian O’Connor and Rich Cimini who think the Jets are sending Sanchez a mixed message.  While I don’t necessarily agree with Cimini’s analysis of the fallout, I agree with the authors on one thing – Don’t get Manning.  Build around your QB.  Give him the protections, weapons, system and consistency he needs to be great.   Have faith.

Just another boring Jets offseason…

3 thoughts on “On Manning

  1. Sure you heard by now that the Jets just gave Sanchez a new deal worth $20.5 million over the next two seasons. Don’t quite get why as over three years and 47 NFL starts, Sanchez is the owner of a 73.2 quarterback rating, 55.3 completion percentage and 55:51 TD:INT ratio.
    The fact that Sanchez has been very aware of Tannenbaum’s interest in Peyton cannot be good for his psyche either going into next season.

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