Super Bowl XLVI aka “The Jets Fan’s Nightmare Bowl”

I think I’m finally starting to believe in the infamous Broadway Joe curse (some say Joe Namath made a pact with the devil to win SB III, in return guaranteeing that the Jets would never win another one).  There’s just no other way I can explain what has happened since the Jets’ season imploded.  Every week comes new allegations and chronicles of the dysfunction inside the locker room.  This week, it was Darrelle Revis‘ turn to speak out.

But the icing on the cake has to be next week’s Super Bowl.  I mean, are there 2 other teams in the Super Bowl you would rather see less than the Giants and the Patriots? (ESPN’s Jane McManus sums it up really well here)  For starters, there is just no way you can cheer on the Patsies, aka the Jets’ nemesis aka the Evil Empire aka the most bland, boring team to read about and listen to.  Bill Belichick is pure evil, and Tom Brady, is well, perfect.  They are basically one big cliché after another when talking to the media (my favorite quote from Brady this week: “We aren’t preparing to win the Super Bowl, we are simply preparing to beat the Giants.”  Puh-lease.  Come on.  And frankly, is anyone outside of New England excited to see them in the big game again?

And then on the other side, you have the Giants.  Now, most Jets fans, including myself, don’t hate the Giants.  This is not Mets-Yankees or Isles-Rangers for that matter.  These teams play each other once every 4 years or so in the regular season so to call it a rivalry, would be a stretch – despite Rex’s efforts in doing so this past year.  The Giants, like the Pats, have also been to the SB numerous times in the past decade, including one of the biggest upsets ever in SB history when they beat the Pats just 4 years ago (all us Jets fans are asking for is our first crack at the big game since1969).  The Giants embody a lot of things the Jets hope to be – a classy, steady, respected organization with a history of winning.  But as a Jets fan, it still pains you to cheer on the team that you share a stadium with, a team that makes getting to the SB look easy (the Giants were not even supposed to make the playoffs this year, let alone make the SB), a team that basically used a victory against the Jets to propel them on this Super Bowl run (if we had only tackled Victor Cruz….).

So that’s where we us Jets fans find ourselves.  Caught between a rock and a hard place. Choosing between the lesser of two evils.  But a choice has to be made. So, on Sunday Feb. 4th, I’ll be all in for Big Blue.

Go G-Men!  (I feel dirty).

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVI aka “The Jets Fan’s Nightmare Bowl”

  1. Not sure that the Giants had such an “easy” time getting to the SB this year. If you’ll remember they had lost 4 in a row and 5 of 6 going into the game with the Jets. Forget about them ‘gpoing’ to the SB…they were on the verge of having a losing season before that game.
    Where we agree with you is that if the Giants were not facing the Pats, we would be rooting for ANY team facing N.E.! Just could never be a fan of Tom Shady and Bill Beli’spy’…

    Nice post!

  2. Have to support the Gints. I can still remember the big upset in 1969…..fond memories. At least I can look ahead to Grapefruit League games in the very near future…..nothing better! My gut says Peyton will be wearing the green. Why not?

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