Welcome to the Florham Park Zoo

So, anything happen in Jetsville this week?  I mean, can it get any more ridiculous.  Let’s quickly review what’s happened:

  • As predicted, Jets Offensive Coordinator Brian “Schotty” Schottenheimer “resigned” from his post as Jets OC.  Offensive line coach Bill Callahan also bolted for Dallas
  • The Jets quickly hired Tony Sparano (not to be confused with Tony Soprano) to be their new OC


    Not Him

    Not Him

  • A number of unnamed Jets ripped Mark Sanchez in the media, and openly lobbied for Peyton Manning
  • Numerous Jets, including Nick Mangold and owner Woody Johnson, refuted that article and defended Sanchez’s work ethic, committment and talent

Did I miss anything?

Clearly Schotty had to go, although I don’t believe for a second that he resigned.  I’m sure he made out just fine financially, and he already has interviews lined up.  I like the Sparano hiring.  For starters – as the former Dolphins Head Coach, he knows the division.  He’ll know how to attack the Pats, Bills and Dolphins, and he’ll know how opposing defenses attack the Jets.  He’s a no-nonsense, back-to-basics coach who will focus on the run and protecting Sanchez.  He won’t take any BS, and will easily put people like Holmes back in their place.  And he wears sunglasses, day or night.  Sick.

The article trashing Sanchez was sad for so many reasons.  For starters, it was not only embarrassing that players would trash their teammate like that, but even worse, they weren’t man enough to share their names – pathetic.  Second, the comments were just plain wrong.  Numerous Jets and even the owner have come to Sanchez’ defense, citing his incredibly strong work ethic and dedication.  He’s a first in, last out kind of guy.  He’s clearly less than perfect, but the things mentioned in that article were just plain wrong.  And as far as Peyton Manning goes…that’s just a dream, folks.  Why would he come here?  What’s to gain?  Sorry, I don’t buy it.  And finally – the New York press should be called out for another example of irresponsible reporting.  Only in New York is it acceptable to publish an article filled with half-truths and anonymous quotes.  That article is just another example of why so many players don’t want to play in New York.

It’s amazing to me that in the run-up to the divisional week of the playoffs, the Jets are somehow front-page news, and even the lead story on SportsCenter yesterday.  It shows how polarizing Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are, and just how much New York teams are always under the spotlight.  The Giants are not even getting as much press!

Many questions still remain, with the Sanchise’s future as the biggest.  Rich Cimini, my favorite Jets beat writer, posted a well thought out and balanced analysis of what it will take to salvage his future.  A must-read.

Just another boring week in Jetsville…

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Florham Park Zoo

  1. Tony Soprano would have been a better choice. I think they made the hire too fast. There were lots of former Jet’s coaches available…..Weeb Ewbank (oh sorry, he passed) Here is a list of other available former coaches……My other choices would be Sammy Baugh or Bulldog Turner…oh, they’re no longer available. Then, how about Joe Walton?

    Sammy Baugh* 1960–1961
    2 Bulldog Turner* 1962
    3 Weeb Ewbank* 1963–1973
    4 Charley Winner 1974–1975 23 9 14 0 .391 — — — [8]
    5 Ken Shipp 1975
    6 Lou Holtz 1976
    7 Mike Holovak 1976
    8 Walt Michaels 1977–1982 Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year (1978)[12]
    UPI NFL Coach of the Year (1978)
    9 Joe Walton 1983–1989
    10 Bruce Coslet 1990–1993
    11 Pete Carroll 1994
    12 Rich Kotite 1995–1996
    13 Bill Parcells 1997–1999
    14 Al Groh 2000
    15 Herman Edwards 2001–2005
    16 Eric Mangini 2006–2008
    17 Rex Ryan 2009–Present

    Roller Derby Season has started down here. I let you know the results.

    • I was hoping nobody picked up on that. Whoops. G-men looked good, but benefited from 1 lucky TD and a lot of Packers miscues. They can beat SF though. Kind of strange to think that one of those teams will be in the SB. I don’t think anyone would have predicted that at the start of the season.

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