BREAKING: Rex Commits To Sanchez…

For 2011.  The Onion once again adds levity to an embarrassing situation.

The Saints were just scary last night.  I think they will comfortably win next week setting up an epic playoff battle against GB.

And congrats to the Texans on their first playoff victory – well deserved, especially with a rookie 3rd string QB.

As long as the Pats don’t win the Super Bowl, I will be happy.  I mean, does anyone out there really want to see Belichick raise another Lombardi trophy?

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rex Commits To Sanchez…

  1. Yes, Saints are tough although I give the Lions a lot of credit for their turn around. Have to support the gints today…yah know, it’s a NY thing. Jets have a new “Pepsi One” commercial. They are better actors than football players. to be continued..

  2. New England is really the only team I hate!…Let’s see.. Then I hate Pittsburgh, then I dislike the Texans, the Broncos too. I tolerate the rest of the bunch, so go football team that is going to give me something to watch!! That includes the other New York team. (boy am I desperate)

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