Week 17 Recap: The Season Ends – Finally – And I’m Happy

Yes, happy.  You read correctly.  Why?  Because the misery is over.  A year that started off with so much promise and so much expectation, fell far short of anything the experts and fans predicted and hoped for.  Each week we expected victories, and each week we were disappointed.  Even the wins were not enjoyable – they were lucky, desperate and unconvincing.  The team was sloppy, undisciplined and poorly coached.  Each week I was fired up to watch the game and each week was a letdown.  But it’s over, thankfully.  And that’s why I’m happy.

The final loss turned out to be moot as the Titans beat the Texans and the Jets would have been eliminated even with a victory.  But this was still not the way we wanted to go out.  Another awful performance by Sanchez – poor decisions and poorly thrown passes throughout, and he folded in the 4th quarter, a time when he has traditionally been at his best. There were no big plays on offense once again (Holmes & Burress combined for TWO catches) and the play calling was inconsistent.  It was just a poorly played game by both sides of the ball – countless penalties, missed tackles, turnovers, etc.  And topping it all off, our captain – our $50MM prized offseason signing – Santonio Holmes – was benched for the last drive of the game because of a shouting match he got into with another player on the field.  Now that is leadership!  For a game that was truly a must win, this was just baffling.  And lost in it all was that LT became the 5th leading rusher of all-time and played what was probably his last game in the NFL.  Probably not the way he wanted to go out…

There will be a lot written about this season in the coming days, and I will do a full analysis of what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.  But as with any sports team, it all starts at the top.  Rex Ryan guaranteed (again) a Super Bowl this year.  He came close the last 2 years and was hailed for that, as he should have been.  But he came up embarrassingly short this year – and no doubt, this year and this team was an embarrassment – and he should be taken to task for that.  He won’t be fired (nor should he be), but he should be held accountable over anyone else.  Changes will be made and that should start with the way Rex coaches, motivates and speaks.

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that it is yet another year without a title. That’s 35 and counting since I’ve had the privilege of being a Jets fan.  Same Old Jets?  Not really, but the result was still the same.  Eh.  As they say…there’s always next year.

Rex Ryan - Full of Hot Air

6 thoughts on “Week 17 Recap: The Season Ends – Finally – And I’m Happy

  1. Luckily, it’s over. Dan & I kind of watched the pathetic showing. I say fire everyone….start with Rex & go from there. Close is not good enough. Oh well, The baseball fields are being prepared for the Grapefruit League……life will be good again! Yes….I am happy too that the season is over. Happy New Year to all of your followers as unhappy as they may be tonight.

  2. Only 3 completed passes over 40 yards all season!!! 1 of which was thrown by a wide receiver in the last game. This is why the season turned out the way it did. You never feared their offense as an opponent. Shotty will lose his job because of this. Losing Brad Smith in the off season hurt the team in my opinion. Hunter has to go too. He cant block to save his life.
    Defense is getting old. A few adjustments next year and they should be back in it.
    Rex needs to take control of the locker room and deal with attitudes like Holmes. He let the team get away from him. As you wrote, there’s always next year…

    • Good points Jon. I don’t know if Brad Smith would have changed things all that much, but the lack of vertical passing game really hurt them. Defense definitely needs to get younger.

  3. I just have to ask…………..did you notice how yesterday’s Giants game they looked like our JETS from 2 years ago? We have lost the spark for sure. I agree with Jon that the defense needs to get younger. The solution isn’t Sanchize—-it’s the clean-up they need in the organization. Also, how obvious could it be that they also want Shotty gone? I kind of chuckled seeing the cruise ships all lined up near the stadium. Bon voyage to the Jets for this year. I’ll still be waiting for pre-season Jet games to start with some fresh new blood….or…..another HBO special.

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