Week 14 Recap: Jets Dominate, Finally.

Final Score:
Jets: 37
Chiefs: 10

The Jets won their first “laugher” of the season. It was a dominating performance right from the start, and the result was never really in question.  The Jets outgained the Chiefs 253-4 in the first half and also score 28 pts (the most points in the first half in over 10 years).  There was even a Mark Brunell sighting! (if Sanchez ever gets hurt, we are screwed) It was that one-sided.

There were supposed to be a few games like this during the season, but we will take this one for now. It was strange to watch a stress-free game. This is what Patriots or Packers fans must feel like. I have to confess that I even missed a few plays in the 3rd and 4th quarter, but didn’t really care. My blood pressure is noticeably lower. Thanks Jets!


  • Sanchez: This was his best game of the season by far – 2 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs (the first QB in Jets history to do that).  No INTs (he did have a late fumble – he shouldn’t have even been in the game at the point) and for the most part, solid throws that weren’t contested.  He was sacked a few times, but overall a very solid performance.  And apparently he wasn’t booed during the line-up announcements as he was 2 weeks ago, but received modest applause.  Way to keep it classy Jets fans.
  • Greene: He ran hard from the start and had one of his best games of the season.  He ran nearly 40 yards on the opening play and dominated from there.  His

    This was not a TD, but looked good

    performance the last 2 weeks have been very encouraging and are the reason why the Jets are back in the playoff hunt.  LT also had a good game with a TD. They will need more of this down the stretch to continue winning.

  • Receivers: Overall a quiet game besides Santonio’s nice TD catch in the 1st half.  Sanchez really spread the ball around and didn’t take too many chances downfield.

    No, that's not me! That's Dustin Keller, silly!


  • Revis: It always starts with him and he had another Revis-like performance.  He let up a few catches here and there, but was never really tested.
  • D-line: They were in Palko’s face all game long and he had a miserable day as a

    This sums up the defensive performance

    result.  The line shut down the run game again and just dominated the line of scrimmage.  The opponent was clearly inferior, but this was an encouraging performance.

  • Jim Leonard: Word on the street is that Leonard may have suffered yet another season-ending leg injury, just as he did nearly a year ago.  This would be a huge loss.  Not only is he one of the most steady and solid players on the defense, but he is the “QB” of the defense, calling most of the signals, and had taken over full-time punt return duties.  The Jets secondary will be really tested without him moving forward.  Tough break (especially since he’s a free agent after this season).

Special Teams

  • No Turnovers!: That’s really the story here…the first no turnover game in quite some time.  Kerley resumed punt return duties and showed why he originally won the job – he had a phenomenal punt return that he almost broke for a TD.  Kick Returner Joe McKnight sat this one out and it showed.


  • The game started out with a timeout.  Before one play was even run, they had to call a timeout on offense.  How does that happen?  They then went on to use another  timeout early in the 2nd quarter.  It didn’t hurt them, but they have to fix the communication.  That is just ridiculous and this will come back to haunt them eventually.  But other than that, it was a very well planned and coached game (I thought they kept the starters in for a bit too long, but oh well).  The offense has been noticeably more efficient since offensive consultant Tom Moore (former O-coordinator for the Colts) took a full-time role with the team 2 weeks ago…let the Schotty rumors continue for another week.

Rex Ryan Weight Watch: 280 lbs?  Rex seems to be steadying these days.  The victories have been good to him but he’s been careful not to indulge too much.

Putting his weight into it...

Another “must-win” combined with losses by Cincy and Tennessee has put the Jets into prime playoff position.  They still have to get some help from either Oakland (who are getting smacked by GB as of this writing) or Denver, but as we’ve said, if the Jets win out, they should make the playoffs.  They face a huge test next week in Michael Vick and the Eagles.  The Eagles, who have to be the most disappointing team in the NFL (or all of sports, for that matter) in this year, will have nothing to lose and are dangerous.  Vick and McCoy could give the Jets fits, especially at home.  A win next week would be a huge boost to the Jets’ confidence and playoff hopes.

But another win keeps us interested and in the game.  These Jets don’t make it easy (with the exception of this week)…but they do make it fun.

5 thoughts on “Week 14 Recap: Jets Dominate, Finally.

  1. They win all 3 and they are in! But, 3 very difficult games ahead. Leonard is a huge loss. I guess I will have to watch the next game “live” from NY! You blog is great. Thank the boys for their contribution. I know the “J” man is a significant contributor these days especially with his Jets dance!

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