Week 13 Recap: Jets Win Battle of the Rex(es) at FedEx

Final Score:
Jets: 34
Redskins: 19

Another non confidence-inspiring win for the Gang Green.  But as Bill Parcells once said, “you are what your record says you are.”  And right now, the Jets are 7-5 and still in the playoff hunt.  They might be the worst 7-5 team in the NFL, but they don’t hand out awards for style or domination.  And give the Jets credit – the Defense hung in after another costly special teams turnover and some lacklustre play by the offense for the first 55 minutes.  Sanchez and the offense finally woke up with about 5 minutes to go and then the romp was on. To the summary:


  • Sanchez – A solid, if not unspectacular game for the Sanchise.  He didn’t throw an interception (although DeAngelo Hall dropped an easy one), and he is still missing some wide-open receivers on easy throws, but give the guy some credit – he came through in the clutch.  The 3rd down shovel pass to Greene in the 4th quarter was money, and the TD pass to Holmes was beautiful.  That’s two 4th quarter comebacks in a row for the Sanchise.
  • Holmes – The guy just wins games for them.  2nd game-winning TD in a row for him. He’s worth every penny they pay him – I just wish they gave him the ball some more.
  • Greene – A solid, bruising game from the big RB.  And he’s rewarded with 3 TDs.  Remember how much criticism he was getting early in the year?  Not so much anymore.
  • O-Line – Another sack-free game for the offensive line, and this time against one of the top pass-rushing teams in the NFL.  Huge game for them.


  • Revis – He’s baaaacckkk.  Another shut-down game for the best CB in the NFL.  I don’t think they even mentioned his name until the 4th quarter.  That was just a one-game blip last week.
  • Harris – Perhaps the most under-rated Linebacker in the NFL – that man is a beast.  Next to Revis, he’s the one guy they can’t lose on defense.
  • Maybin, etc. – It’s hard to believe that Aaron Maybin was labelled as one of the biggest busts in recent history, just 3 months ago.  The man has changed the Jets defense – his sack today locked down the game for them and he now has 6 on the year, more than any other Jet.  What a find.  And a great game for Bart Scott (he’s not washed up yet), Jim Leonard (solid), the entire D-Line and Kyle Wilson (should be starting).

    The Game-Changer

Special Teams:

  • This might be the most puzzling aspect of the Jets’ season – Kerley’s fumble of a punt today was their 6th special teams turnover of the year.  This is a unit that has been the strength of the team in recent years.  Perhaps most ironic – Joe McKnight is the leading vote-getter in the All-Pro balloting for kick returners.   Nick Folk missed another critical FG.   And Cromartie’s decision to run back the on-side kick is just the latest chapter in his book of stupid plays.  I read somewhere last week that he may have the lowest football “IQ” in the entire league (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Ray Lewis & Ed Reed among the highest).  He may also have the lowest IQ, period.


  • Offense: I know I sound like a broken record, but the play calling still baffles me.  Multiple times they ripped off 9 yard runs on first down, only to follow-up with 2 consecutive incomplete passes.  Why?  Why not run again?  And where was the play-action today?  The Wildcat offense returned today, and yes, they scored at TD off of it at the end, but why did we run it 7 times?   There is just no consistency or pattern to the play-calling.  And can we please, please stop it with the early timeouts (1st and 3rd quarter) and 12 men in the huddle.  That’s just poor discipline.
  • Defense: After an awful opening drive, the D really tightened up and played a very good game.  Now, this is not an opponent to really benchmark (Rex Grossman is awful), but it was still a solid game.  They still need to fix the miscommunication and blown coverages (too many big plays), but a confidence-inspiring performance for the defense.

Rex Ryan Weight Watch: You can tell these wins are really taking their toll on big Rex.  He has to be down to at least 275.

Someone Buy This Man a Sandwich

This was a bittersweet victory for my house.  My wife and her family hail from the D.C. area, and they are all life-long ‘Skins fans (my wife is a Jets convert, of course).  To their credit, they’ve always cheered for the Jets in the playoffs the past 2 years, but their loyalties today were clear – the burgundy and gold.  So while we are pumped for the big win, I feel for them.  As tortured a history as the Jets have had, it has been a very unkind 10+ years since Dan Snyder bought the ‘Skins.  But as Sanchez has proven, a rookie QB combined with a good running game and a solid D can lead to success.  Here’s hoping they turn it around next year.

Finally, it must be said that watching the Jets is a stressful experience these days.  I must have said “they stink” or “Sanchez sucks” or “well, the season is over” at least 5 or 6 times.  My wife thinks it’s hilarious.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dominating, 3-4 TD lead/win one of these days?  Get Brunell a few snaps, put in the back-ups on D.  Not going to happen.  These Jets are destined to give me high blood pressure.

But here we are at 7-5, and in a tie for the last playoff spot (although the tiebreakers are not in our favor).  Next up, a home game with the Chiefs – another very winnable game.  But I’ve said that before, and seen it blow up in my face.  But another week to watch, and another week to believe…

Another Week...

2 thoughts on “Week 13 Recap: Jets Win Battle of the Rex(es) at FedEx

  1. Yes, they are still in it. I have seen this movie before and have been disappointed many times. I watched young Jonah’s victory dance. Renee is right, it belongs on U tube along with the comedy show that they called a football game today. It’s amazing how the Jet’s can make a lousy team like the Skins look competitive. Nice blog…..keep up the good work. Oh, get your blood pressure checked.

  2. Good post. If it was a great team you were writing about….well, it would be a great post!. That play with 2nd and one yard to go baffled me as well. Schotty must go or be conservative when can afford to be. Why is it after every win lately, I’m pumped less than before the game? it was fun watching A and S root for Washington.. ha ha

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