It’s Tough Being a Jets Fan…

Since the day I was born, I’ve been a Jets fan.  I didn’t really have much choice.  Both my parents were Jets fans, and their parents too.  The story goes that when the AFL’s New York Titans joined the NFL and became the New York Jets in 1963, my grandfather decided to buy season tickets.  We’ve been season ticket holders ever since, going from $5 seats at Shea Stadium, to $125 seats at MetLife Statdium (PSL as well – thanks Woody!).  I bleed Green.

Most people that I grew up with were Jets fans as well.  Basically, if you grew up East of Manhattan, you were a Jets fan – primarily due to the fact that they played at Shea Stadium in Queens.  If you grew up North or West of Manhattan, you were probably a Giants fan since they primarily played in places North of the City (Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl) or West (Giants Stadium).  Nobody grows up in Manhattan, so those people don’t really count.

So a Jets fan I was destined to be.  And with that has come a lot of…hmmm…how should I say it…DEFEAT.   Despite winning Super Bowl III in 1969, the Jets have not been a very successfull franchise.  Recent history has been kinder, but for the majority of my youth (80s to early 90s), the Jets were bad.  Real bad.  Some of the most legendary losses in NFL history involved the Jets.   One of my most vivid memories as a child was that of me crying, hysterically, after the Jets blew a lead and lost in DOULBE OT to the Cleveland Browns in a 1987 playoff game.  I was inconsolable.  I remember staring at the TV in disbelief after the Browns kicked the winning FG (the Browns are another star-crossed franchise…the irony).  That would not be the last time I felt that way unfortunately.  Here is the original story in a Cleveland newspaper:

So when 2 of my friends sent me this link (thanks Greg & Dave), I couldn’t help but smile. This is me, 25 years ago (some say it is still me).  And this will probably be my 2 boys at some point in their life.  It’s a rite of passage.  Apologies if you’ve seen this already:  (very thankful they didn’t have this technology when I was a kid)

Despite all this, I still tune in every week.  I still believe.  I still have hope.  I’m still doomed.

So…another game this Sunday.  Another chance at heartbreak.

It’s tough to be a Jets fan…

5 thoughts on “It’s Tough Being a Jets Fan…

  1. Yes, my dear son….that was you 25 years ago. Please don’t put my two precious grandsons through this type of drama. Grandpa did it to me, I take full responsibility of doing it to you and now you have a chance not to subject your boys to this type of torture. Expose them to the ballet or the opera or some other educational event. NY Jets…….nah, it ain’t worth it.

  2. Dear Bryan, WHATTTT? The family bleeds green and so do their ex’s!….. This is a lesson in true devotion, true commitment and one should never waiver. We are NOT fair weather, jump on the bandwagon, frontrunner kind of fans! We are into it totally. Did you forget meeting Jeff Lageman and getting a jersey signed? C’mon, last year and the year before,,, was so exciting, wasn’t it? I can’t wait to take my grandsons to the games. I love the passion of that kid and all JET fans….. even Ed the fireman, although quite obnoxious to some, warms my heart, that he is there no matter what commercial he gets to be on or the number of times he gets the place going. I just wish I lived closer to the stadium. Believe me, I’d be there. It’s a way of life and don’t ever lose it…. It’s who your are! I know who you are!
    Your unconditional Jet mom who would love some jet pajamas for xmas!
    P.S. (Revis is human)

  3. Might I suggest becoming a Skins fan. This team is superior in every way to your J-E-T-S and will be forever (despite Dan Snyder’s best efforts to run them into the ground). I believe the Skins are still your wife’s favorite team – though she probably humors you and tells you she loves the Jets. I can see right through this scheme. She is using it to get you to watch the Bachelor!

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