Outcoached, Outplayed, Outclassed

It’s 7:14am here in London, so just a few quick thoughts before a full (disgusted) recap later.

I knew it was a bad omen when my alarm didn’t go off this morning.
It then got worse when Holmes stumbled on that sure TD catch on the 1st drive.
And then the deathknell…Folk misses a 24 yard FG. Gulp.

The Jets were outcoached. They were outplayed. They were outclassed.

The last 3 games the Jets ran the ball to victory. So what do they do tonight? Pass, pass, pass.

I’m baffled.

Rex and co. have a lot of explaining to do.

But more importantly, they better forget about this victory and get ready for Denver on Thursday night.

The road to the Super Bowl still goes through New England for another season…ugh.

One thought on “Outcoached, Outplayed, Outclassed

  1. Yes, a very frustrating evening to say the least. I knew there was trouble too after the failed first drive. Maybe it’s time to look at the coaching and also Mr. Sanchez. Where in the world is Browning Nagle?

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