Week 10 Preview: 1st place bound or Same Old Jets?

There is a phrase that Jets fans know all too well…”Same Old Jets.”  Those 3 words basically sum up 41 years of frustration since the last Jets Super Bowl win.  Those words mean so many things:  disappointment, last-minute chokes, awful draft picks (Blair Thomas anyone?), terrible coaching decisions, humiliating losses (the Marino fake spike) etc.  It’s often said after an exhilarating win followed by a heart-breaking terrible loss.   The conversation usually goes like this:

Jets fan #1:  You see the game?
Jets fan #2: Yeah, I can’t believe they blew that game.
Jets fan #1:  Same Old Jets…

But since Rex has arrived, he has made it a mission to change that reputation.  He openly mocks the phrase.  Now, after a big win, you will often hear him say sarcastically to the media, “Same Old Jets.”   It’s genius stuff.  He’s single-handedly changing the culture of the franchise one  game at a time – no small task.

In Rex We Trust

This week is another “Same Old Jets” opportunity.  In years past, this would be a classic letdown waiting to happen.  So many times we’ve geared up for a big game against the Patriots (in previous years it was the Bills or Dolphins), only to be destroyed.  Heck, it was just last year that they thrashed us 45-3 up on Foxboro.   But I have a feeling this year will be different.  Why?

  • Rex is 2-0 at home against the Patriots and you know the Met (can we call it that?) will be loud
  • Brady has thrown the 3rd most INTs in the league so far, and 6 more than his entire 2010 total!  Revis awaits.
  • The Pats offense is ice cold – they’ve converted only 8 of their last 25 third downs and committed 4 more turnovers this year than all of 2010.
  • The Jets are on a roll – literally.  They’ve rushed for more yards in the last 3 games than the previous 5.

It’s amazing how these 2 teams’ fortunes have changed so much since they last met. Coming into the last game, the Jets has just been embarrassed on national tv by the Ravens and their legitimacy as SB contender was being seriously questioned.  The Pats were dominating and Wes Welker was on pace to catch 425 balls and 37 TDs.   Now it’s the Patriots who are being questioned…(perhaps its the curse of Haynesworth.  Just ask any ‘Skins fan).

A few other random thoughts:

  • The Jets are on National TV for the 4th time already.  While I love the exposure, the late games are killer.  I will be waking up at 6am to watch the game on replay – no spoilers!
  • Someone in the NFL does not like this team.  After an 8:30pm kick-off on Sunday, the Jets have to then play at Denver 4 days later.  That basically gives them 1, maybe 2 days of practice before they get on a plane to play in one of the toughest environments.
  • And speaking of Denver, Tebow lives to play another day.  Great article on him in the NY Times yesterday – http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/08/sports/football/in-tebow-debate-a-clash-of-faith-and-football.html?_r=1&scp=5&sq=tim%20tebow&st=cse
  • Sad stuff in Penn State.  Nice to see the fans rally around Joe Pa, but his reputation will forever be tarnished.
  • Is there a better drama on TV right now than Breaking Bad?  I haven’t finished season 4 yet (again, no spoilers), but that show is just ridiculous.

Would love to hear your thoughts & predictions on this week’s game…Jets victory or Same Old Jets?

4 more days until the big game…it’s time for the Jets to take control of 1st place….