Week 9: I’m sorry Mr. Jackson, the Jets are for real

Final Score:
Jets: 27
Bills: 11

This was the game we’ve been waiting for all year long.  Dominant on both sides of the ball.  Physical and intense from the start.  This was the football that Jets fans have been accustomed to since Rex Ryan took over.  It was refreshing, and a huge boost of confidence as we officially enter the 2nd half of the season.  It was a pleasure to watch, despite the fact that my Slingbox was malfunctioning every 10 minutes.  To the summary…

  • Once again, we saw good Sanchez and bad Sanchez.  The first drive was a thing of beauty – the 2nd longest drive in the NFL this year.  They ran well and were throwing short, crisp passes.  The balance was perfect.  It unfortunately ended with a bonehead INT by Sanchez – one of those “what were you thinking” throws.  The rest of the 1st half was not much better for Sanchez.  To his credit, he turned things around in the 2nd half and played mistake free football and connected on some nice throws to Holmes and Burress.  He finished 20 of 28 which is pretty solid.  If he plays smart football the rest of the way, the defense and running game will carry us far.  It’s a proven formula for this team.
  • Another solid game for Shonn Greene and the running game.  They are really hitting their stride now.  Loved that LT had another signature TD.  And even the Terminator found the end zone. The O-line looks mean and strong.  This is going to be the strength of the team in November & December.
  • The receivers all had solid games.  Burress had some key 3rd down catches and looked like he actually cared, which is nice.  Holmes‘ TD catch was sick, and Kerley continues to impress.  Dustin Keller is clearly not a smart man.  This is the 2nd time this year he has tried to hurdle a defender to gain another yard or two.  He is lucky that he was not seriously hurt.
  • Schotty – give credit where credit is due.  He called a great game with creativity and balance.  The O-line gave him and Sanchez plenty of time to run some great plays and they really took away a lot of Buffalo’s strengths on D.  That screen pass call to LT in the 4th quarter was a brilliant call – that really sealed things for them.
  • This was Jets football.  The run d was superb and the pass d was just as good.  If not for 1 or 2 big runs by Fred Jackson at the end of the game, he would have had less than 50 yards.  They really shut down one of the NFL’s most explosive players.  In total, the D had 3 turnovers and 2 stops on 4th down.  Fitzpatrick had a 51.9 rating.  That’s domination.
  • David Harris – Could he be the most underrated LB in the NFL?  His 2 INTs were obviously key – the concentration and hands he displayed on the 2nd pick were ridiculous.  He was a game-changer today.
  • Revis is human.  He was beat for the first time all year.  They should probably make him take a pay cut.  But despite that one play, he and the rest of the secondary had another great game.  That said, I continue to think that Wilson should be the starter over Cromartie.  The attempt at tackling that Cromartie made on the Nelson TD at the end of the game was comical.  Then again, if I had 7 kids with 6 different women, I wouldn’t want to get hurt either.
Special Teams:
  • Another awesome game for McKnight – where has this guy been hiding?  If it weren’t for an all out dive and trip by the kicker, he would have run back another kick-off for a TD.  He is a game changer on special teams
  • Nick Folk hit a 49 and 50 yd FG in one of the toughest stadiums to kick in.  He’s quietly having a solid year.
  • Good game for the punter as well.  Yeah, that’s right, I’m giving a shout out to the punter.  I’m a nerd like that.
  • Easily the best coached game of the year.  They were well prepared and made no mental errors for the first time this year – no blown coverages and no 12 men on the field (although one penalty for too many men in the huddle).  Schotty called a great game and it was clear that Rex had this team ready to go.   Best moment of the game: Rex’s chest bump with Santonio after the TD.  Who knew a 300lb man could jump that high?

Rex Ryan weight watch:  280 lbs?  He had some mean ups after that Holmes TD.

We should also really thank the Bills for their help with this victory.  Before the game, they honored former kicker, Scott Norwood – he of the missed field goal in the 1991 Super Bowl fame.  That’s just bad karma.

So, 5-3 now.  A team beaming with confidence. A “message” victory.  A team that has really found its identity just when it needed to.  Tied with Buffalo for 2nd place, and 1 to a 1/2 game behind New England pending the outcome of their game tonight.  Next week – the Evil Empire comes to MetLife Stadium (man do I hate that name!) on Sunday Night football.  The winner will take control of the division for the rest of the season.  Rex vs. Bill.  Mark vs. Tom.  New York vs. Boston.  Bagels vs. Chowdah.  Good vs. Evil.   I’m already pumped.

2 thoughts on “Week 9: I’m sorry Mr. Jackson, the Jets are for real

  1. Best post eva…. you did the Jets proud, my son. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and loved that the Giants beat up on New England. Next week is huge.

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