Week 7: The Jets stay classy, San Diego

For those of you who are new to this – welcome to weekly Jets recap!  A chance for me point out the good, the bad, and the ugly about the previous day’s game.  This started out as just an email for 2 friends, but has slowly grown bigger. If you have any suggestion as to how I can improve these weekly recaps, please do let me know.  And feel free to forward this on to anyone else that you think might be interested in this.  And if you take issue with any of the analsyis, while you are probably wrong, I welcome the feedback.  Okay, on to the recap…

Ahhhhhhh….that was a sigh of relief.  It only took them 7 games to play a “complete” game.  The defense finally showed up (albeit not until the 2nd half), and we had a Plaxico sighting (or 3) on offense!  And welcome back running game – it was great to see you.

While it was clearly Gang Green’s best played game of the year, it was by no means without fault.  Still too many penalties, blown coverages, a number of big mistakes and a poor start to the game for the D.  But I think we can feel pretty good about that performance, especially going into the bye week:


  • Shonn Greene – where you been hiding?  When he gets a head of steam, he is a beast.  That reminded me of the Jets 2 years ago. Running up the middle and just knocking people over.  No surprise that he gets 100 yards and Sanchez doesn’t have to throw for more than 200.  The O-line finally “clicked” and the offense was balanced.
  • Plaxico – what else is there to say – 4 catches, 3 TDs.  That’s pretty efficient.  He still looks like he could fall asleep on the field at any moment, but I will take that if he keeps catching TDs.  It must feel pretty good to know that a year ago you were making license plates, and now you are catching TDs in front of 80,000 people.
  • Sanchise – still ridiculously inconsistent.  He has some brilliant moments (especially that TD pass to Holmes that was called back), but then still throws some absolute killer INTs.   But probably his most solid game, including that nifty 25 yard run in the 4th quarter.   I think this game springboards him to a big 2nd half.  The haters will be silenced for a week.
  • Jeremy Kerley – liking this kid.  He will stick around for awhile.  No showboating, just biz (on a related note, I absoluitely hate the little thing Holmes does after a 1st down.  The refs must hate it more).
  • O-line – solid protection – crazy to see Mangold get called for 2 penalties in a row.  I bet that never happens again in his career.   Whenever Ducasse enters the game, I immediately do a shot of whisky.


  • A tale of 2 halves really.  In the 1st half they probably couldn’t stop the vaunted Half Hollow Hills West High School football team (Go Colts).   Some nice 2nd half adjustments though to have their most dominant half of the year.  Solid performance by the entire D. Apparently they were pretty fired up by some comments that Warren Sapp made earlier in the day.  A more important question however is this – why is Warren Sapp an NFL analyst?   I picked the wrong career.
  • Revis is still very, very good.   There was one play in the 2nd half where he stayed stride for stride with Jackson on a long throw where Jackson made like 3 different moves – it was like watching a mirror image.  Just sick.  It’s so much fun to watch a player at the pinnacle of their game.  He is just amazing.   Obviously his INT turned the game again.  He’s probably responsible for 3 victories this year – Dallas (The pick that set up the game winning FG), last week against MIA and then the game turning pick this week.   Dude is UNDER paid.
  • Kyle Wilson should be starting.  Most improved player by far.  I know Cromartie is much bigger, but when are they going to realise that he is too inconsistent.   Make the change Rex.   (on a side note, after Wilson made that big INT, my Dad called me.  Now, whenever my phone rings during a game, it’s usually one of my parents calling to discuss the previous play.  If it’s a TD, it’s usually my mom calling.  If it’s a Jets mistake, it’s almost always my Dad.   So I was surpsied to hear my Dad on thep hone after the Wilson INT.  But in fact, he had called to talk about the comeback that the Bucs were trying to pull off in London.  Since moving to the Tampa area, he’s now a Bucs/D-Rays fan, usually when the Jets/Mets are sucking, which is often.   Needless to say, I had to remind him where his allegiances lie.  The Bucs were not discussed again…)
  • Eric Smith had a very good game.  I’ve been real critical of him in the past, but he finally stepped up and played great run D.
  • D-line really missed DeVito – probably the most underrated player on the defense.  Hope he gets back.  Plus his name is DeVito – sounds like either a Sopranos character or most people I went to high school with.
  • That Jim Leonard penalty on Gates in the end zone was bunk, but at least they were being called on both ways.

Special Teams

  • Normally a strength, this was not a good performance.  I think they were called for a penalty on every single punt return.  Sloppy stuff that you know Westhoff will clean up.

Coaching (a new addition here)

  • Mixed – they made a great 2nd half adjustment on D, but why is one until always so flat at the start of the game?   And I think that makes is the 4th or 5th time this year when they had 12 men on the field (saved by a Jets timeout this time) – that is just inexcusable.  Still too  many blown coverages as well and missed assignments.  I’m beginning to think that Mike Pettine needs to go.  There is too much talent for that to happen.

Rex looking especially stout in his trademark sweater vest...

Rex weight watch:  275 pounds?   There will be a “guess Rex’s weight” contest from this point forward.  Winner at the end of the year gets my circa 1993 Browning Nagle jersey.  A true collector’s item.

The bye week comes at a great time.  The team is pretty banged up, especially on defense, and could use the rest.  They could also use the time to clean up some of the sloppy play.

4-3 with the next 3 games against Buffalo (twice) and New England.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the season, or at the least, the division will be determined in the next 3 weeks.  Need to go at least 2-1…enjoy the bye week.  I’ll be back in 2 weeks.  Go Jets!

2 thoughts on “Week 7: The Jets stay classy, San Diego

  1. I finally figured out who the writer of this recap is. Jonah, not bad but it needs a little work. I would collaborate with Simon before sending it out. So boys…….(Jonah, Simon & your dad) here is my take on this ……

    a. I’m your poppy…why did it take to week 7 to get a copy. This could reflect in your Hanukah presents
    b. A little too long.
    c. Leans a little bit too much towards the green. Simon, I think your dad is influencing you too much…call me & I will give you the real deal
    d. Jonah… why would you slander poppy regarding the Bucs? Tell your dad I was just making a statement.

    Nice job! Keep up the good work.

    Oh, by the way, I am reporting your illegal newsletter to the “www” (no, not the world wide web)…..the world wide wrestling federation or some other agency.


  2. I agree with writer above. Why did it take so long to finally read your words of sports wisdom. I will remember to call you after a fumble or int…. great job I must say on the recap. and thanks for giving a shout to my school district’s, your former district’s football team. All in all a good week…. I feel Nick’s ankle is still sore and that is the reason for those penalties. We will all enjoy the “no game week” is a good week motto!

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