Week 5: The Evil Empire reigns victorious

Where to start…inconsistency has to be the theme of that game, and the year. We’ve yet to put together a truly complete game. Either the offense blows, or the defense. We really haven’t had a solid performance on both sides of the ball in one game (maybe Jax, but I kind of discount that game).

Is it just me or does the offense only play well when they HAVE to score? They should just run the 2 minute drill every set of downs…

We had some tough calls in that game – the reversal of the fumble call was a bit of a game changer (even though we scored on the next possession) and there were some questionable penalty calls, including the one against Revis, that gave them 1st downs. Thems the brakes…

-7 of 11 drives were 3 and out. That is awful. Remember when Holmes said this team could average 30 pts a game? Let’s start with 20 pts a game boys. Play call continues to be beyond questionable. Pass to Jon Conner on 3rd down? why? You have the best pass catching RB of all time on your roster, (no disrespect, Johnny Johnson. Only Joe will get that joke) – why not pass to him?
-We saw the first showing of bad Plaxico. dropped passes, just looked disinterested. This is the player that Giants fans hated. Ugh.
-Dustin Keller anyone? Did he play?
-Shonn Greene – welcome back buddy. That’s the guy we were hoping to see. Running hard, bowling people over. He’s a man. More of that and we will win some games.
-Nick Mangold is the offense’s Revis. Looked like a totally different line.
-Sanchez is really up and down. Unbelievable throw to Holmes on that TD, but too many ducks. He needs to man up a bit.  Phil should have his dog hump him a few times.
-Schotty is lost. Real lost.

-Revis is good. Real good. Did you see him track down Welker? Damn.
-Eric Smith is not good. Did you see him get smoked by Welker?
-Overall, a very good game for the D, but unfortunately couldn’t come thru in the clutch. But unfortunately not surprising when your defense has been on the field all day. Those guys must have been exhausted. The drive that the pats stuck down our throats at the end is what we did the last 2 years to opponents in the 4th quarter.
-Jamaal Westerman – Rutgers in the hizzy. Joe is psyched.

A few random thoughts:
-Joe McKnight is for reals on kick-off returns. I love watching him play
-Kerley will be a starter next year for us, or at the least our slot guy.
-I love watching a Phil Simms game. He’s the best analyst in the game – fair, honest and really knowledgeable, even if he blows smoke up Parcells’ ass whenever prompted.

We will bounce back next week on MNF, followed by a big game against the bolts. 2-3 isn’t great (our 3rd loss last year didn’t come until week 10), but not dire. I have faith.

J E T S.

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