Week 4: Season on the brink

Thought I’d get a little bit of an earlier start on this one.

First, to the positives:
-I have this thing called NFL GamePass – it lets you watch the game with all the commercials taken out already, and you can skip along in 10 sec increments.  I watched the entire game in 50 minutes, which is probably the best way possible to watch a shit show like that.
-I made a mean cup of coffee this morning.
-Yael and the boys are back home.  🙂
So where to begin…
-I know people hate on Schotty, often for the wrong reason, but really dude?  Last week he makes no 2nd half adjustments.  This week, he does nothing, at all.  Was that even a game plan?  Sure, they were hamstrung without Mangold and the Turnovers, but you know theRavens sit on every route, and have shitty CBs, so why not throw deep, just once?  Wait, they actually did – with 4 mins left in the game down 17.  Sweet dude, sweet.  I’m seriously losing patience
-Sanchez’ worst game as a Jet?  I know there was that 4 or 5 INT game against BUF his rookie season, and his O-line right now is a joke, but that was bad.  Dude has more balls tipped than anyone I can remember, and throws some ducks.  So much for stepping up and leading.
-I love the Jets strategy – whoever has a big game the week prior, is immediately taken out of the game plan by Schotty the following week (Burress Week 1, Holmes Week 2, LT Week 3).  I guess the good news here is that nobody had a big week this week!
-If the O-line isn’t fixed quick, we won’t win more than 7 or 8 games.  Obviously losing Mangold is probably about the worst injury the Jets could have, next to Revis.  He’s clearly proven that he’s almost indispensable.  But Wayne Hunter is also terrible.  How could the front office so poorly overestimate the quality and depth of the line?  What was always the strength, is now the albatross.
-Well at least they played well.  Aaaron Maybin?  What?  Where did that guy come from.  I assume he’ll be sticking around
-Mo Wilkerson is for real.  Finally a young rookie on D that we can count on.
-Sadly, this was the defense’s best game of the year.  Too bad the Offense let up  27 points!
A few other random thoughts
-Get Joe McKnight more involved on offense.  Yes, sad that I’m writing that.
-The Ravens D is just awesome.  What they have that our D lacks is that nasty attitude.  They are intimidating. Our D is good, but they don’t bring that same edge and attitude.  I feel like we haven’t had that since Bryan Cox and his spearing neck pad of death.
-Revis is good.  Still.  Did Boldin even have a catch?
-I started Sanchez over Josh Freeman in Joe League.  Whoops.
So, 2-2.  2 losses away from Uncle G’s prediction.   The good news is that it’s 4 games in, and they are only 1 game off the lead.  The bad news is that they are playing terrible, and are on the road against NE next week.  Ahhhhh.
We’ve been here before with this team though.  So no jumping off the bandwagon.  Yet.

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