Week 3: Jets defense gets Raided

Ugh – where to start.  Been thinking about this one all week (as I often due), and I think we just got outcoached.  If you watched the 1st half and then the 2nd half, it was like 2 different games.  1st half the screens, pitchouts and rollouts were working great.  In the 2nd half, OAK clearly adjusted, but we were still running those plays and getting destroyed.  Schotty finally took his balls out of his ass on the 2nd to last drive, and what do you know, we go 93 yards in 3 mins and Burress scores a touch.  Why the fuck don’t they do that every play? It boggles the mind.

My summary:
-Sanchez still makes dumb mistakes, but overall you can’t fault him.  He’s been making tough throws and pretty much under duress all year.  He still needs to make quicker decisions and get the ball out quicker, but he has yet to lose a game for them and almost won this game for them.
-Run game – I hope they realize that Greene is a better outside runner.  That said, their run game is seriously hurting.  Would love to see Powell or McKnight get a few carries.  Tomlinson is amazing
-Passing-  Where were holmes & keller?  Its amazing how some guys just disappear from the game plan in a week.  Nice to see Mason making an impact.  Why the fuck is Patrick Turner EVER on the field?
-O-line – wayne hunter is bad.  real bad.  If he doesn’t get better soon, they will have problems all year long.  Not only does he get beat, often, but he misses assignments too leaving Sanchez vulnerable.  This one is on Tannenbaum – he fucked up not bringing in someone good after Turner went down.  I hope Mangold is back soon cause this unit is shite.
-They looked old and slow.  Which is not good.
-Revis is amazing.  We know this
-Bart Scott needs to talk less, and tackle.
-Cromartie – wow.  Maybe the worst game by one defender in history?   4 penalties for 1st downs.  Muffed KO that loses the game.  And then punctured long?  He would have better off if someone cut his balls off before the game and then pissed on his face.   Which is what I would like to do to him.  This could be the start of the Kyle Wilson era, who looks good this year (on the brightside).
Sadly, G’s 2-4 prediction could be realistic.  The Ravens are beatable.  Tenn showed that.  Their secondary is awful and they just lost another starting CB.  If they protect Sanchez (a big if), they can go vertical and beat these guys.  Defense will need to contain Rice obviously, a big if.
Thankfully, it’s just the 3rd game, and as the Jets have showed us in the past, it’s a looooong season.